Snurgle, GlubGlub, Whoosh – Me and My Vinturi

It’s the beginning of February, so now is a good time to make use of my Christmas present from my husband. It was a very nice gift, but in the excitement of the gift-opening frenzy that is Christmas morning, along with celebrating my daughter’s 2nd birthday (two days later), my gift got tucked away in a safe place until I had the time to get to it.

The Vinturi

It’s no secret why mine and my husband’s gifts to each other were related to our hobby of drinking (drinking is a hobby, right?). We have kids. Plain and simple. Our kids drive us to drink. Only in the most honorable and loving way, of course. I bought him a BeerTender so he can always have an ice-cold brew at his fingertips.

And, when I carefully tore off the wrapping on his gift (yes, he wrapped it this time), the Vinturi Deluxe Aerator Set was revealed!

The Vinturi is a beautiful, sleek, and exquisite-looking wine aerator. They say every wine needs to breathe, but who wants to wait around with an open bottle of wine for that to happen. I’m sorry, but once that cork is pulled, I’m drinking it. If it hasn’t “breathed” by my second glass, oh well, tough luck. I was skeptical, to say the least.

But I tried it.

To set up the aerator, you first assemble the stand by simply placing the long arm in to the base. There’s a little screen on the bottom of the base to catch drips. Then you place the aerator on top of the arm, with the “Vinturi” logo facing you. That’s it. Easy. Now you’re ready to drink.

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Put your glass on the base and pour the wine through the aerator on top.

My first attempt at aerating wine with the Vinturi was a smashing success! It was amazing! I nervously poured my wine through the aerator…the sounds were incredible…snurgle swish glub glub and whoosh! Done. Out came freshly aerated wine, directly into my glass.

Oh heaven…the Vinturi had transformed my not-so-great, a-little- harsh wine into a smooth, luscious libation. I enjoyed this glass more than I would have. Being far from a wine connoisseur, I usually take my chances on choosing wine from the shelf of my local Bev-Mo, and hope it tastes as good as the label says it is when I get home.

This product has dramatically improved the odds that I will have a drinkable wine when I finally pull that cork. It’s beautiful, easy-to-clean, and….portable! Simply remove the aerator from the stand, slip it into the little velvet bag that comes in the kit, and voila! Good wine everywhere you go! Or at least, better wine.

So, until I reach connoisseur status, I couldn’t have asked for a better gift.

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